Tether 2.2

Connect to the Internet using the smartphone's cellular connectivity
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Share the cellular data available on your Android mobile device with your desktop or laptop. The tool works via USB cable as well as through a Bluetooth connection and requires you to have the corresponding application installed on your smartphone or tablet. It also keeps a log of the amount of data being used, which is helpful for those who have that caps.

Browsing the Internet on a smartphone is sometimes not very practical, because the screen if often not large enough. However, when traveling, you will probably not have the opportunity to use a computer, as wireless networks are rarely available.

This piece of software aims to solve this issue by providing you a way to tether your smartphone to your computer, which means sharing the Internet connection of your smartphone, so as to employ it on your computer.

Tether is compatible with both Bluetooth and USB, this allows you to tether your computer wirelessly, if it supports Bluetooth, or in a wired manner if it does not. Once you configure the connection, it will work flawlessly any time you turn the tethering on, which makes this utility easy-to-use.

If you do not have an unlimited data plan, you will probably like the fact that this piece of software keeps a record of the amount of data that you use: by keeping an eye on the statistics, you can make sure that you will not go over your data plan limit. Tether is already expensive, so you will probably not want it to generate extra costs along the road.

The main downside I found while testing this piece of software is that it does not work well with some data plans, especially with Blackberry BIS. And do not count on the customer support to help you sort out issues that you might encounter. I contacted them when I experienced some issues with the tethering of my Blackberry device, but they closed my issue case without answering me. As it is very frustrating to pay such a high price for a product that might not work for you, and whose customer support denies any help, I deducted two stars from its rating.

Briefly, Tether is a powerful, yet expensive piece of software enabling you to share your smartphone data plan with your computer. As it is incompatible with some data plans, I recommend you to download the trial version, and ensure that it indeed works before that you buy it.

John Static
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Usage statistics
  • Support for Bluetooth tethering


  • Expensive
  • Not helpful customer support
  • Does not work with some data plans
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